My name is Lamin Darboe, i am an admin of aviralblog.com, I started this blog to motivate and inspire people, using my life experience and knowledge to help to offer solutions to personal issues, family and parenting problems, to bring out the best in them. The articles on this website are based on life experience and personal educational researches.

As a person; I faced many challenges in my life, being raised from a blended family, with daily glitches, confusion and conflicts. Having parents who believed in physical punishment as a way to raise children. I end up having lots of personal issues including psychological problems due to kind of environment i grew up in, i spent years bottling with these issues, and sometimes i felt like I lived in a world that I didn’t belong.

However; I learned some important and valuable lessons over the years, about blended family relations, parenting and relationships, i taught myself to focus on the positive side, and that helped me to change my way of thinking to see things from a different angle.

I have always developed a passion to write about my life experience to help offer solutions to other people, who may be going through the same things that i went through. Is the reason why I started aviralblog.com website to share my experience and challenges, to help families and people to get through the same situation.

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