Why Mentally Strong People Over Come Life Challenges

The pandemic has cause many unprecedented changes; so many things happened no one could ever imagine; it has caused so many problems; personal problems, financial crisis, family tragedies, businesses to furlong their employees and it has cause such a busy world to come to standstill.

As a result, some many people have difficulties to meet their daily life needs. It is a crisis that has caused anxiety, trauma at the same time being afraid.

Life is all about challenges

But for people who understand that life is all about challenges, would develop better mental strength that would help them bounce back. Research estimates that about 90% of people experience at least one traumatic event in their lives, but our reaction towards any difficulty is what show whether or not we are properly managing it.

We should consider that difficulties may be stressful and traumatizing but it’s also an opportunity for us to either grow or decline. Developing a strong mental strength, is what we need to properly manage these types of situations we encounter to be able to regulate our thoughts, emotions and behave proactively in a way that will ease the hardships.

The reality of life is for us to know that there are certain things we do not control; we have no control over what tomorrow will bring for us. Climate changes are the perfect examples of that.

Life is a journey of test; believe it or not; so, when we developed a strong mental strength that will make us ready to deal with the realities of life and live according our values no matter what life may throws at us

embrace the changes and face our fear

We need to embrace the changes and face our fears, train our mind for happiness and success. So how can we become mentally resilient?.

I don`t believe people who are still living their lives happily as everything is normal have any special insensitivity powers; its simply because they are determined to develop daily habits; that positively build their mental strength to live their lives extraordinarily.

No matter what is happening they just keep pushing forward; it’s not so difficult do this; it just required us to be consistence.

Because our emotions interfere with our thinking and judgement, our feelings have significant impact on our decision making process. We need to have the ability to balance our emotions with logic to be able to make the best decisions in any situation.

No matter how traumatized we are; we always have a choice; this is what people with strong mental strength are aware of; therefore we need to try not to allow our emotions influence our judgments in any situation; whether be it sadness, fear, anxiety etc.

 A Professor called Kris Lee, Ed.D. behavioral science expert at North-eastern University in Boston, Massachusetts said ” When we buy time, we then have access to the frontal lobes of our brains; where we have access to reasoning, better problem solving and perspective. We never have to let ourselves to be trap in primitive Emotions”.

our weaknesses and our strengths

When we know our weaknesses, we will know our strengths, in that way; we will not surrender our power and allow the fear of change to fully control over our emotions; when unprecedented situations fall upon us, we should not be afraid to change.

Change is part of life, so instead of resisting change, we should take it as a challenge so that we can make the best out of every passing moment.

Let us be open to new habits that can bring the best out of us; even if these changes are uncomfortable; I personally believe it is just matter of time until everything will fall back to its place.

But resisting and fear of change will paralyze our growth in any direction, either towards our success or happiness.

Let us develop our mental strength to be able to use the hardship, uncertainty and obstacles we faced in our lives to our advantages.

Despite the setbacks this unprecedented situation has caused in our lives; we should learn to turn each obstacle in to stepping stones and keep our composure to keeping moving. If we cannot remove the obstacles lets us use them as a way forward.

We are not in control

We don`t have any control of how many of love ones and ourselves will have corona virus; despite the safety measures, which is very stressful. But we should not only focus our energy of things we have no control over, instead we should learn how to respond to such situations we encounter.

It is important we don`t act or be in a haste to get back to things we do most in our daily life, outings, sporting events, travelling or starting a business, success does not come over night; we need to know the fact that only a lunatic will expect immediate results.

Rather the time we have at home let’s use it to improve ourselves; strengthen our family relationships while strictly following the advice and guidelines of our authorities.

Whatever happens in our lives; we must not think why are we going through this; let us remember that this world does not owe us anything, we are all created equal no matter the heritage we have to strive to survive and be prepared to tackle difficulties to succeed.

We need to be strong

We need to be strong; to have complete control over our problems and not to complain about situations beyond our control. Whether this situation brought us failure in our lives, businesses, studies, or made us loose our jobs, let us not be afraid to try again.

Success and failure always goes together, we need to keep failing on order to success, without failure there won`t be any success.

Personally, I am optimistic that life beyond corona virus will be a life full of joy, happiness and success. Therefore, the moments we live in now and how we are handling them; are the things that will determine our lives afterwards.

When we improve our emotional and mental strength and be perspective in life; we will surely be able to cope with the stress and chaos that surrounds us.

There is no doubt that these are difficult times, so regulating our emotions can change our attitude towards uncertainty.

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