Close Any Girl For An Instant Date

how to Close Any Girl For An Instant Date

If you never approach a girl for a date in your life before, there is a chance that you will panic and maybe give up; and end up not getting a date with the girl you literally want to be with.

This may happen to you too right?. If you see someone you want to ask out for a date, just go ahead and make your move; properly she is also dying inside to talk to you; there is not magic in this; it is just a pure trial, and some confidence to approach a girl.

Observe her behavior to know if she has some interest. Because you cannot close someone for a date that has no interest in dating you or someone who doesn’t even know who you are. With that in mind, follow these tips and tricks am about to tell you:

How do I attract a girl on a date?

If you are looking forward to date a girl and start a meaningful relationship; you need to know what are things that girls are attracted to on men; ask yourself that question; its important to know that girls won`t want to waist their time and energy with someone who has not ambition; not responsible; and the list goes on.

Just like men; you don`t just go and pick out any girl for a date right? you have a choice and you know what you want; so, the same goes with girls too, everyone girl has a dream man she is looking forward to meet; to start a meaningful relationship that will develop in to marriage. The basic of that is:

Have a goal in life

The way you look at girls and become impressed with their beauty etc. Is the same way how girls look at men and become impressed as well, so you have to make sure that you are that person everything girl want to be with; but how do you make yourself that kind of person?

It is simple; have your own life, look descent, be responsible and have a career, surround yourself with positive friends, be someone who knows how to enjoy his moments and be comfortable within yourself. With that you won`t most likely be rejected if you asked a girl for date.

What to say to a girl when asking her out?

There is no special quote or words people say. Just ask her outright. At times you can simply get away with just saying, “what are you up to right now”, and that’s it. If she is interested, she will say “nothing”; and if she has nothing going on, ask her for a date on the spot. Ask her to get coffee right then and there, 90% of the time, she will accept.

Know what she’s doing

Before any excuse, make sure that you know her schedule. This can be tough, but you don’t always have to worry about snooping. rather, you should consider asking her some questions. Before you can close her for an instant date, you need to precisely know what she is doing and that’s it.

Make a plan with or without her

Here’s one of the best methods that you can close her for an instant date, you need to have a plan. You should look for an interesting event and then plan to attend it, even without her. For instance, let’s presume that there is a musical concert going on tomorrow somewhere in your city.

You could mention the fact that there is a musical concert, and then ask her if she would be interested in going with you. If she can`t make it, that’s fine, tell her she will miss out and you’re going anyway.

Make sure you post few images and selfies of yourself on your social media profile having a blast. that is if she is not go with you. make her feel that she defiantly missed something.

How do you treat a girl on a date?

Treat the first date night as very important date if you really want to impress the girl; that is your actual date; to get to know each other, you have to make sure you get everything right, the dress, the conversation and most importantly the impression; girls like men who treat them well, be gentle and take the responsibility of the date, she will surely like you.

Take care of any bills on a date night; it might sound an alarm in her mind you if ask her to share the bills with you, or you avoided to pay for the bills, and don`t forget to complement her; offer her your jacket when it is cold; she will judge you based on your gentleness.

Choose the right place for your date

Going to the right place for a date is one of the best thing to consider when you plan to take a girl on a date, if you really want to enjoy her accompany, make sure you choose a place or event she likes, try to make the date as fun and memorable as possible, chances are she will start feeling something for you right after that.

Mutual interest in music

Musical concert is always a good idea to start your date with; since you and your date has no emotional connection yet; because people have some sort of connection with musics they listen; that might be your chance to start the emotional connection with her.

Focus on your first impression

Your main priority should be that first impression; you don`t want this to be your last date with her; you liked and you want her to like you back; so take your time and contemplate how you are going to make your first impression the best no mater what.

Involve your friends to give you advice on what to do, what to wear, plan ahead the type of conversation you want to be having with her; you don`t want to run out of things to say; that will be awkward. So your first impression is very important.

Music helps to avoid awkward silences

When you take your date to a live music concert; there is a chance that you won`t experience that awkward silences; because nothing is more painful that sitting with your date and have nothing to say, this is something that is sometimes difficult to avoid, especially when your date is a complete stranger.

But being in a music concert could help; maybe you could have a lot to talk about when it comes to favorite song than talking about jobs and personal life.

How many dates until you are in a relationship?

This depends on how quickly things escalate between you too; for some it can take up to 7 dates or more; for some less, what is important is to be open and be true to each other; talking about things you have in common and the reason you are attracted to each other, that could really help to start a meaningful relationship.

however it is best not to rush it, take your time and get to know each other well, according some relationship expert; you can officially call it a relationship after two months of dating.

If you like her and you suddenly begin to develop feelings for her after few dates; it is best to let her know and talk about it, to see if she is ready to take things to the next level. Have good intentions towards her and set boundaries if you too agreed to take things to the next level.

How do you set boundaries early in a relationship?

The very moment you start dating to know each other well; that is the best time to talk about things that offend you; and things that offend her to be able to set boundaries.

Dating is not a problem but the problem is when your relationship lacks boundaries; this may put you in a position having to deal with a lots of problems.

It is important for you and your partner not to put lots of emotional venture into your relationship as you date. This may be dangerous; especially if things did not lead to a marriage relationship.

So things that matters in a relationship are responsibility and freedom. Once there is a problem on these two key issues, Your relationship won`t go smoothly. Freedom is about the ability to make your own decision, which are based on values not fear or guilt. Commitments should be a free choice.

In the other hand; Responsibility is the ability to carry out duty that ensure that you have a loving and healthy relationship. Each of one of you must be able to say “NO” to anything that violates your values.

Relationship should be based on love. And love must be properly guarded so that it may develop in to deep understanding and commitments to each other.

If understand that boundaries are important in a relationship. You have to set them in order to protect your feelings and keep your dignity no matter what.

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