Signs Your Relationship Will Collapse

When your partner begins to think of divorce; a lot of things will change between you; especially during arguments; you may receive some threats, deceit, insecurity, rejection etc. All the things will happen that normal take place in a bad relationship, those are a clear sign that your relationship will collapse.

What are the signs of a dying relationship?

Researches have shown there are 8 common behaviors that shows a divorce wind is already blowing; while you might be surprised to ask “when has it reach to this point”; well let me tell you for that fact that, there were dark clouds in the horizon already and you did not realize it.

If your partner displays all these 8 signs below be prepared that your relationship going downhill.

Abusive behavior

If your partner becomes abusive; threatening or criticizes you on constant bases, bullying; to the extent that you will feel anxious and depressed, it is a red flag that your partner is ready for divorce.

He will never be the same

Ones your partner leaks his mind towards divorce; your relationship will never be what it was before, he will not look like a person who is willing to reconcile.

If you think there are possibilities maybe things will get better, but no matter what you do, he prefers to let the connection fizzle out, is simply because he does not feel the same about you or the relationship. Something has changed spiritually and emotionally.

You will have negative feeling

As much as you might want to safe your relationship in order to escape going through breakup, nothing will work for you; and at the end you will see yourself starting to feel strange negative feelings about him; and might find yourself to becoming emotional for no reasons.

You start doing things that never mattered before now. When all those signs are manifested know it is just a matter of time, but your relationship is on the brink of collapse.

Having affairs at side

The reason why your partner does not value or appreciate you anymore; is maybe he lacks the passion and excitement in your relationship, while you may feel not being appreciated anymore, even if he used to tell you that he does believe in monogamy, chances are he is having another affairs. And normally two more affairs in a relationships it’s a clear sign and a red flag.

Continues lying

Lying is genuine signs; for example: your partner called you and said he is at the office and he will close very later more than usual; call to check on him, he is not there.

Or he called you to say he is on the a trip with a friend, while you just bump into the same guy at the shopping mall. these types of lying is a genuine red flag that your partner is keeping a dirty secret away from you and it could be a sign of divorce.

Opposite sex friendships

When you noticed that your partner is so closed to someone, he called a friend and that friend is an opposite sex; no doubt he is having an affair; as a matter of face 90 percent of divorced women attribute that their partner was in closed friendship with an opposite sex.

Either being a friend from a work place or somewhere. Its unusual for a responsible person who values his relationships to be so closed to the opposite sex without any intimacy.

Too much secrecy

The reason why most people becomes secretive in a relationship is because they know very well that they are doing something that they should not be doing at all, and if you find out you may not be happy about it, the secretive behavior of your partner is a sign.

Hiding phone or password

When your partner begins hiding his phone away from you; or uses passwords in order to keep you away from seeing his text message, people he has been in contact with; emails or call history.

This is an obvious sign that your partner is up to something; and if you force your way and snoop his phone, you might find something dirty. There shouldn`t be any hiding phone or password; if he is not doing anything suspicious.

Can someone leave you if they love you?

When someone leaves you they don`t love you is really that simple; love is not an easy thing to let go, no matter how many meaningless arguments and fights you have, both of you will always find to a reason to stay.

All you need to know someone who left you easily does not deserve a place in your heart; and it does not worth to fight for. Also remember that love is what makes a relationships not fights and arguments.

Everyone matured person knows that difficult times do come in any relationship but it takes love to overcome the storms; if a person loves you they won`t let your differences set you apart, they will stay and endorse the situation, because all they want is to be with you and there for you more than you want for yourself.

What does an unhealthy relationship look like?

An unhealthy relationship is also refers to as “Toxic Relationship” is the kind of relationship that makes you feel insecure and scared for some reasons, among those reasons are physical abuse that involve punches, and hitting to hurt you physically.

The control; this when you no longer have a the freedom to make your own choice, your partner is always breaking on your neck, telling you what you must do and what you must not do.

Another signs of a toxic relationship is humiliation, when your partner do tries to put you down and make you look bad in the eyes of other people, either in front of your friends or family.

Your partner also gets angry so easily for no reasons; even how ever much you try to avoid his anger, up to a stage you feel like his anger is like walking on an eggshells.

Pressure is another sign of a toxic relationship; you are always under pressure to do things that goes against your will, including sex, forcing you to take alcohol, drugs etc. And if you refused to do what your partner commands, he threatens you.

Can you fix a broken relationship?

To fix a broken relationship you need put your focus on the things that cause it to be broken in the first place. Relationships can be fix but fixing them is harder than broken them.

You need to be ready make a fresh start, with a deep understanding and acceptance of your love. Don`t look for someone to blame, instead rebuild the communication this is one of the key things to help you fix your relationship.

Make peace, accept your partner`s undesirable habits, and show him a genuine interest that you want to resolve all the disputes and differences. if you truly love your partner you have display that affections, its one of the most powerful tools that it can help you fix your relationship.

Bring back the joyful things and good moments you had with your partner; drag him to talk about things you want to accomplish together, a dream, or future plans etc. If the difference began from a behavior that your partner did not like, make sure you respect boundaries.

And make apologies even you are think are right, “The word Sorry” is the basic pillars of healing. Forgive for all misunderstandings and conflicts.

Taking these actions will certainly help you to fix your relationship, it may take little bit of time for everything to fall back to where it used to be but it does works.

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