Everything You Need To Know About Baby Shower

To host a Baby shower requires some dedication and proper planning; but most of the time the expecting mother can use her friends help or family member to think of all the details that would make the even successful and cheerful.

I will tell you everything you need to know about hosting a proper baby shower; let`s get started.

Baby shower party plan

First thing, you need a plan and make a guest list. If you have your friends to help give them details of who do you want to include in your guest list.

Make sure you remember to include dad’s side of the family, and make list of each guest with the correct addresses and phone numbers.

After you have the guest list, now you can make the invitations. It doesn’t matter how you go about this. The most important thing is you want the guests to know it’s an invitation for a baby shower just by looking at it. They don’t have to be too fancy, but a little decorative is always wonderful.

Plan Early

You should make your plans at least some weeks before the event; prepare your guest list, and then send out invitation early; doing so will help your guest to plan themselves and they will have enough time to search for the right gifts for you. Also plan for any games you may want to have at the function; and make it as fun as possible for your guest and yourself.

Choose an appropriate date

Most people tend to plan for their baby showers when they already know the gender and the belly is kind of big; is because they want to be able to show to everyone. but its best to plan for your baby shower when you have passed the stage of discomfort;sometimes that could be around 7 to 8 months.

Choose the venue of your choice

Choosing the venue entirely depends on the you (the expecting mother); if you is comfortable to organised the even at home that is fine; but most people do organised their baby shower at the restaurants, parks; halls etc. Depending on the size of the crowd you are expecting.

Do plan according to your budget

Everyone knows that pregnancy periods are the periods when you don`t spend too much; because you are expecting thinking about how to care for the baby among other things; so those times might not be the best for you financially; therefore your budget is what you should consider first when planing out your baby shower. You don`t need to spend too much.

Set a party theme

There is nothing beautiful than throwing a party where everything have something in common, so you need to set theme for your baby showers; for the entire decorations; gift appreciations etc.

Guest list follow ups

When you made your guest list and send out invitation; you need to make sure you make follow ups to confirm who is coming and who is not; this will help you define the food menu; games etc.

Plan your food menu

When planning for the food menu; you need to know the number of guests that will show up; to help you decide on quantity of your food menu; make sure you choose healthy foods; and most importantly foods that your guest can`t resist.

Importance of Hosting a Baby Shower

The second amazing feeling for couples after the wedding proposal, and celebrations past; is finding out that they are expecting a new baby, of course it’s like a music to the ears to any woman who is trying to conceive. 

New parents can find this difficult trying to narrow down all new baby equipment they will need, and getting ready through the months of her pregnancy, this task could be tedious.

But by hosting a baby shower that pressure of looking for baby equipment is eased, baby shower has many benefits especially for the first time parents, some of the benefits are:

Benefits of guest list

When you plan to host a baby shower; it’s an exceptional way of getting new baby supplies; the gifts your guests will bring, will certainly safe you a lot of financial pressure to provide those items, instead that pressure is passed on them.

Gender reveal

Baby shower function are themed based on colors especially if the baby`s gender is known, traditional themes are pink or blue colors; so do little bit of creativity and make it character themed baby shower, but it’s a great fun for the new mom and her guests. So, baby shower theme can be anything you want.

Create your own baby gift basket

The whole idea of baby shower function is to help you (expecting parents) to receive gits that are useful to you and your baby; things you may or may not purchase.

Therefore you can create your own gift basket ideas based on monogrammed baby basket, homemade gift basket and a play time gift basket, just make sure you fill the basket with things that fit the theme.

Opportunity to gather your love ones

Baby shower function is a great opportunity to get all your love ones come to you; if you are busy most of the time with work and family life and don`t have enough time to visit everyone, baby shower is best opportunity to get everyone under one roof.

You and your baby deserves it

Being pregnant is a unique challenge mothers face in their life time; having to go through months of battling morning sickness; sore nipples etc. at least a day to celebrate you is something you deserve, it`s fun having a party in your honor to be pampered and celebrated is an amazing feeling.

Of course, it’s not just about you alone; your friends and family members will make the event worthwhile, they will want to be important to your unborn baby; so seeing that happiness and love in them will feel your heart, that’s something to celebrate.

Make your dream party

Baby shower is another perfect opportunity for you to throw up the party of your dreams, its your day, its your call, you can make it as memorable as possible, you get your friends to plan some hilarious baby shower games, if that is what you want.

Your pregnancy is something to celebrate, so it is a perfect excuse to throw the most memorable party of your choice and no one will complain, its going to be fun.

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts Items

The baby shower gift items that works for both boys and girls are generally useful for moms; below are some of the items that make a great gift:

baby bullet– this device make it easier for you make your baby food as easy as breeze, of course all moms love to make dinner time a lot easier.

Baby boy bean bags – this can also be a great gift for the you; you can easily carry your baby around the house while you are doing other stuff.

Wall Prints – this item is great for boy`s nursery. there are different types and styles from pirates to animals etc. you can find these item in any stores.

Wooden height Cart – this is made out of blackboard; its a great gift so that the you can record your child`s process. sometime its also a great idea to go for practical items like sleeping wrap; baby monitor, soft toys etc.

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