How To Help Your Baby Develop Properly

breastfeeding is best for newborn child

Caring for your new born baby

Let`s kick this off with talking a little bit about how to properly care for your baby; before we talk about breastfeeding. Being a mother to a newly born child is not an easy task. Especially if you have no experience at all, It is a lifelong responsibility with no pause. It is a responsibility you can’t handover to other people.

You may have seen what other mothers are doing, Or read in the internet the do’s and don’ts but once you have your own, it will be so different. But having a background (little tips) is definitely helpful. Let`s get started.

Baby bathing

It is strongly recommended newly born babies should not be bath too often; only two or three times a week. New born babies don’t get dirty too much, so daily shower for them will be an exaggeration. Besides, too much of it is not healthy and can cause a dry skin.

Additionally, showering them shouldn’t be longer than ten minutes because they can easily catch cold. Furthermore, never leave the baby alone once you are showering him.

Understanding babies cry

A baby`s cry is an indication to show discomfort; whether he is hungry or something. A baby’s cry could demonstrate a starvation. If the baby cries and you just fed him and you are sure that he is full; then, chances are he poop. That mean he needs attention to change his diaper.

A healthy die plan for a breastfeeding mother

It is really satisfying when you are able to feed your new born baby with breastfeeding; all you need to know is that, the quality of your milk entirely depends on your health and your diet; a proper diet should always be your number one priority; if you are healthy and eating healthy foods you baby will be healthy and will grow properly.

The time you have a new-born baby that is not the time compromise your health, as a new mother it may be difficult to know what types of foods or die are best for breastfeeding mother. I will tell you some of the best food for breasting mom; and tips on how to properly hold your child for better success.

Green vegetables

One cannot mention best food items for a healthy breastfeeding without mentioning green leafy vegetables; due to their variety, broccoli, spinach etc. these food items are very essential; they are a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and minerals.

Eating green leafy vegetables will help you to have these minerals and also transfer it to your baby. these are food items that has low calorific which are a rich source of calcium and anti-oxidant. So green leafy vegetables tops the list of healthy food items for breast feeding moms.


Milk is has calcium, Vitamin B, and Vitamin D, if you take milk on a regular basis it will help on increase your breast milk production, and it will help your baby to grow healthy, milk has a huge amount of proteins that will definitely help in your health and your baby`s health.

Apart from greed leafy vegetable, any lactating mother should definitely consider milk as one of the best food items for a healthy breastfeeding.

Salmo fish

Another best food item to consider; salmo fish is rich with very essential component that helps in the development of your baby’s neuron and nervous system; it is also known to have minerals like; Protein and vitamin B12, these are major nutrients that are very important for your health and the health of your baby.

The same goes with tuna and trout; since it provides omega-3s which promotes child’s brain development. And its a rich source of DHA.

Whole grains

Whole grains is also important for lactating mother, it can provide you with many minerals such as: fiber, iron, folic acid, calcium and zinc, which can help you to provide healthy milk for your baby.


I know you must have known the importance and minerals that are present in eggs already; so it needs no formal introductions; among other benefits of eggs; it does not only help your baby`s skeletal system development but also brain development and muscular system, just one egg per day is enough for you and your baby.

Brown rice

Brown rice is also another source of carbohydrates just like whole grain; it’s another important food item you can opt for; it helps to regulate your blood glucose level. it’s also rich with fiber, helps you prevent constipation and increase your energy level.


Almond is a great source of Vitamin E that is very vital for your health and your baby`s, it also contains some fats, omega 3 fatty acids, it will help you increase your milk production and it is required for your baby`s development.


In some other parts of the world, it might be difficult to get blueberry; if you have ways to buy it, it is a must to include it your food item for any lactating mother, this fruit has a huge anti-oxidants, it is also free radicals that can help your baby health-wise. so whenever possible get some Blueberries and have them regularly.


According to some medical professionals carrots are good for vision development, they are rich with Vitamins especially Vitamin A, they can also help boost your energy levels,and have beta carotene which is essential for breastfeeding moms.

These are some of the best food items to consider if you are a lactating mom, it is also important that you care for yourself as much as possible; do not compromise your health; if you do it will reflect in your child`s health and that is something you really want to avoid.

Make sure you avoid fast foods that are too spicy, and keep in mind that your baby`s health is very important; if you want to your baby to grow and develop better; you should make sure you are always healthy and energetic.

Make variety of food choices

Don`t also stick to only one or few food items just because they are rich with minerals; try to have as much variety of food choices as possible; but keep in mind that the ones that have nutrients are the ones that counts a lot; so always make a good choice.

Have different meals per day so that you can stay energetic and health; try to eat food items that are rich with vitamins and minerals.

Its very important that you take good amount of calories per day; usually a breastfeeding mom needs about 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day; but it may also depend on how often you breastfeed your baby; so the best thing to guide you on this is to observe your hunger to determine how much calories intake you need per day.

Best breastfeeding positions to try

As far as i know; there are not many breastfeeding position you could try for a better success; in that case i will tell you two breastfeeding positions i consider to be the best, suitable and can help you achieve success. Take note:

Cradle – According to Lactation consultants the best position for breastfeeding is Cradling, what does this mean; it means you sit in a chair that has supportive armrest or even on a bed with many pillows so that you can properly cradle your baby with crook of your arm.

Then make sure you rest your feet on a raised surface like stool or something that has the same height with stools, in order to avoid leaning down towards your baby.

You have to make sure your baby`s body completely faces you, the face, stomach and knees, and support your baby`s spine, neck and bottom with your hand and place your forearm down to your baby`s back securing his knees against your body.

This is what professional lactation consultants called cradle. And considered to the best position especially for new-born babies.

Cross Cradle – Example of cross cradle is: If you are feeding your baby on the right breast, use your left hand and arm to hold your baby, make sure the baby`s tummy and chest directly faces you; you can do this by rotating his body.

So the difference between this position and cradle is the way you hold your baby; your arms will be switching its roles to guide your baby`s mount to your breast; your thumb and finger should be behind his head and ears.

One breast or two breast conspiracy

There so many conspiracy regarding to either to breastfeed with one or two breasts, i called it “One breast or Two breast conspiracy”. What is important to know is your breast is never empty as people use to say “feed your baby until your breast becomes empty” this is just a silly advice.

Just keep feeding your baby as long as he is feeding, and do compress your breast, that is a good practice to do during the feeding session, as this will help you to keep him swallowing, feed him until he deattaches himself from your breast; just take note that at times baby`s do loose their suction.

So when he deattaches himself first you must check to see if it was a mistake, if it was; you will see him immediately searching for it again.

So still continue feeding him until he either sleeps or deattaches himself from it without not looking to get back on it; and see if he is seems contented, you can call that session “successful”.

Most people do use both breasts to feed their babies; it is the best and fair practice to offer both breasts in a single feeding session.

For example; if you start feeding the right breast until your baby is satisfy; wait for a little while to offer him the left one also; if he takes it; that is his choice, but if he does not, then start with that particular breast in the next feeding session.

Importance of eye contact during breastfeeding session

It’s highly recommended mother should eye contact with their baby during the breastfeeding session. Because sight is one of the five senses that are exchanged early between the new-born and their mothers. This is one of the fundamentals that play a huge role in the development of the mother child’s relationship.

A sense of connection

When a new-born is held by their mothers, the mother’s first instinct is to lift him up to her breast. This allows the mother to make an eye contact with her child. When she is able to look into her baby’s eyes, it creates a special sense of connection, bound and deep emotion.

I believe these information can be of your help to have little bit of background knowledge on how to properly care for your child.

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