How To Help Your Child To Do Well in life

Many parents and grandparents think that it is up to a child to do well in class; and score higher grades. They often don’t admit or understand the importance of their own actions contribute to the child’s progress, especially child`s development, with that said:

Here are some tips that you can do to help your child succeed in life

When you look at early child education statistics; its clearly shown that, children with strong reading ability have an advantage of that early child development which is from 3 to 5 years; as a matter of fact they become typical learners.

And develop an interest in education; these are the children that normally achieve higher in their educational careers. this is not coincident, parents are the key factor towards their child`s success.

Mind development

When a child is young he learn very important skills that help him broaden his mind; if you take an advantage at that stage to inculcate reading habits in your child; it will play a significant role in early literacy, it will reduce reading difficulties and that means your child will love reading and learning in general.

Make sure you read to your child and make stories fun; make him aware of books and pictures right from infancy to toddler before the start of preschool; your child will be set for success in his education career.

Enhance your child`s brain abilities

Help your child to have the ability to easily remember and retain things he learned, and develop skills to solve any problem or tasks presented to him; this is important because if a child lacks these qualities that can cause a frustration and failure; or become afraid to try new things.

It is important to introduce your child to preschool skill development and intellectual learning programs that build a solid foundation that lasts a lifetime.

Self confidence

There is a saying ” confidence breeds competence” people that have self esteem and confidence are mostly not afraid to take on new challenges whether a personal life; relationship, studies or work; they are always ready for anything that comes their way.

This is something that is not trained but its rather inculcated right from the childhood. Therefore help your child to develop self confidence.

Emotional and social development

Its best to give attention to your child when he is very young; help him develop strong emotions and social skill; this is something that only a parent can teach his or her child. its also contributes to a child`s performance at school.

Intellectual development

Every parent believe that his or her child is a genius; but the fact is, not every child is a fast learner for sure; children intellectual ability will grow slowly. And gradually learning will become fun for them; a good preschool helps a child to grow smarter; so if your child is a slow learn; with the right school he will develop with time.

Encourage skills development

When your child has shown an interest in something like storytelling skill, he will be drawn to it because that makes him feel good, it is important to help him develop upon that; self adoration can sometimes be frustrating for children.

Set a good daily routine

A good routine is important for child`s development; especially children under age of five, this help to them know what to expect daily, these routine should not only be about education hours but should includes many things like outdoor play, art and meals etc.

 Any parents can (should) teach their child how to read

All the successful teachers in the world teaching children how to read are no better than you; and there are not many different ways to teach your child how to read. what i am trying to say is; you can teach your child by yourself, before he starts preschool.

All you need to is; be extremely involved and supportive to him; use books and programs that are popular, start slow and have patience, you will have the experience and the joy of teaching your own child, with time he will be able to read well.

When it comes teaching and books most parents have concerns about the moral values some of these books will teach their children, as you know moral development is a progressive growth of a child`s understanding of right and wrong principles, like social attitude and also behaviors, But there numerous books that are embedded with beautiful stories and moral values to choose from.

Actually, your child can learn a lot from these types of books; moral stories help to develop child`s imagination and creativity. The most important thing is to allow your child to read books that promote values, these types of books are like a guiding start. It will guide your child on what types of life they want to follow. Because reading is absolutely important in getting your child ready for education.

Fun ways to teach your child to read

Just remember everything around us is a potential opportunity for education; even if you take your child out for maybe grocery shopping; you can still teach him while pointing out the words and signs on food items, like name of fruits, and vegetables etc.

Sometimes it’s also best to allow your child to choose the type of books he likes; children love independence. If you take your child to a bookstore let him make his own selection and he will be able to tackle the pile of books he chooses for himself. The best strategy is to encourage your child to read and reread books, for example familiar books will encourage reading fluency in your child.

kid`s magazine also helps

Another great strategy is to get a subscription to an appropriate kid`s magazine, this will hone your child`s reading skills without you realizing. At times you can read these magazine to your child and help him eradicate the fear of long words.

If you child comes across a word that is either long or new to him, take your time to explain the meaning to him and make fun games cooking sentence with him using these types of words, your child will develop a strong vocabulary in a short period of time.

Play some word games

Make your child realized that words are fun by playing some word games, for example: compete with him to who can come with the most words that rhymes, or how many words that starts with a specific letter on the alphabet. He will certainly have fun with you while learning important skills.

Make reading fun for him; by involving him in the reading session, for example; when reading to your child allow him to choose a character in a story after you read it, but the next time you are rereading the same story, ask him to speak for his favorite character, by reading paragraphs or sentences where that character speaks, let him read that part in a fun voice. That is another great strategy that help makes reading fun for your child.

Now let me simply ask you; who is in a better position to do this with your child and make him enjoy to that extend? of course that will only be you (a parent), you will get so close to your child and the same time you are preparing him for the success in his educational career. Those are some of the reasons why every parent should consider teaching their child to read by themselves.

There a lots of ways and possibilities to teach your child to read, by utilizing some of these ideas you will incorporate reading into your child`s life and that is essential for him.

How to prepare your child for preschool

Children are naturally curious; If your child suddenly becomes curious about something he won`t stop until his appetite is satisfied. The curiosity is what generally drives learning in children, it’s a natural process for them. “Trial and error”, for example when your child mistakenly puts his finger or his hand on a hot cup of tea; immediately his mind will register that experience. And he will become very much aware of it the next time. that how children learn naturally.

So, admitting your child into a good learning center at the period when the learning capabilities in him is at the maximum, will not only garner his experience and knowledge but will also equip him to be able to face the world when time is right.

learning capabilities

Children learning capabilities is at its maximum to the age of six, they quickly absorb whatever they learned, and its stays with them for a life time. It is the best period to enroll your child into learning center (preschool), it will help to develop your child`s concentration and focus through interactive learning.

Quality of focus is the key to your child`s success in any field of career he may choose in the future, for someone to success in his career, he needs an immense amount of focus to keep going; and that is exactly what learning centers will help him achieved.

Preschools based their philosophy of helping a child to develop to become self-oriented and independent; and self-learning is what today`s junior and high school students required to succeed, the ability to do your own studies or research, students who have these quality are often those who went through preschools.

Teach your child to write well

Reading is not everything your child should learn about when preparing him for a school, you also need to teach him how to grip pencil and crayons, teach him to have a better handwriting, you can use books with drawings inside for him to color and use books that actually teaches children how to write letters. Start giving him a series of instructions about writing letters and let him learn how to write his name, his teachers will be impressed to see you went this far with our child.

Good behavior in classroom

If you teach your child a good behavior, that will take him a long way in school, teach him to say “please” when asking his teacher for something and saying “Thank you” when given something. To raise his hands up whenever he wants to ask questions, and to wait until he is called upon to speak or to give his answers.

Teachers do like students who behaves well in their classes and when a child is commended by a teacher for his good behavior and performance; chances are he will like that particular teacher and do well in his subjects too, just to protect his reputations.

Children learn with fun

Studies have shown that children learn with fun, that is why you will never visit a school where children are so hyper focused on books. they learn through fun, they need games, colors and shapes etc. to be associate with their learning. that exactly why preschools works for children.

Therefore, make sure you choose the right preschool for your child, every good parent wants their child to receive a proper attention by him teachers, so if you are one of those types of parent; choose a preschool that has low child to teacher ratio.

Preschool is very important for your child`s development; it is not supposed to be a place to just dump your child to; so that you can go do your work and daily activities. I hope you learn something from this article, if you do please share it so that other parents like you can also get to know about the importance of preparing their children to succeed in life.

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