How To Manage Your Anger With Positive Thinking

Everyone is trying to have control over their lives; whether financially, health, happiness etc. but there is one type of emotions most people neglect and have no control over which is anger.

One can say anger is the way we feeling and the way we express or respond to certain things, either you are responding to a possible threat to yourself or your family etc.

Have control over your anger

If you want to have control over your anger, first you need to acknowledge it as something which is your weakness and be conscious about it, that means 50% of the problem is already solved.

That will help you to develop positive attitudes towards your actions; when you have a strong fleeing of your emotions of anger regarding to something take no actions, and try to calm yourself down, its proven scientifically.

If you get angry while you are standing; try to sit down; if you are angry while sitting; lie-down; as these will reduce the chances for the situation to escalate into undesirable event.

Think of rational response to the situation and not by emotions, take long deep breaths, in this manner you can slowly, easily resolve and defuse the situation. Now this is just some of the things you can do to manage your anger; but that is not the point; the point is how to we use positive attitude to control our anger.

The simplest way to put it is to learn to be tolerance; in 99% percent of the situation where people get angry or furious about something is intolerance; there are certain things you need to tolerate them, embrace them; doing that you will develop a strong mindset that to control your emotions; another importance issues too much anger is not healthy.

Let`s say you are walking alone side the road either or on your usual morning walks or you are commuting from one place to another for work; down the road someone just looked at you and called you a mean-name that you definitely hates.

In that instant you have every right to get angry and react any how you want; but strong people will always ignore that incident and move on; not because they don`t get angry but they have a positive mind set to keep their focus on their destination rather than wasting time to exchange words with a lunatic.  

If someone called you “an idiot” or “stupid” that does not make that person intelligent or superior over you.

You have a choice

You have a choice how you respond to what happens to you; take responsibility to your attitude; and remember no matter who you are, not everyone will like you; so when you get harass instead of to react negatively; calm down and reaction positively.

The best of the people are the ones who have the ability to use positive attitude to deal with negative situations. They are always aware of their surroundings and stay away from people who try to bring them down.

avoid obsessive thoughts about things that happens to you; if you someone have done what you believe to be unjust, unfair, undeserved or wrong, that cognitive aspect will lead you to become angry, once you allow yourself to become angry you may not avoid reactions.

This is easy to know and recognize; but when you see yourself in that kind of situation it may be difficult to control yourself, but when you train yourself to have positive attitudes; you will be able to control your emotions in some of these incidents.

Always have understand that having a positive attitude can help you turn your anger in to motivating force; for example; your boss at your work place has doubt your ability; you will become angry in the sense that you have just been belittled.

But with positive attitude you will use that angry to show him whatever the challenge you will overcome it and come out a winner. In this case the positive attitude is the driving force of your anger.

Best revenge for anger is your success

It is also proven that the best revenge for anger is your success; when you are told you are not good enough, you get angry right? but use the positive attitude, take that provoke and turn it as your motivation and pull your sucks up to deliver success; you will be the proud of yourself because you proved whosoever provoked you.

If you take a look at the business world today; the most successful people are those who used positive attitude to overcome their challenges in to success; the perfect example of that is Jack Ma.

Of course you may know or heard about his story to success; that he has been told “ you are not good enough” countless times; in his educational goal; job opportunities and personal life.

But he kept his dreams alive by pushing forward; and strive to become success; the reality is, now he is well above many of those people who told him “not good enough”.  

But if he instead reaction badly and took it personal; he won`t get anywhere; that is the reason why so many people easily give up.

Is because they are either too emotional or lack the ability to turn that anger as a motivation.  Whenever you encounter a problem in your life; take it more as just hiccups. That way you will be able to easily tackle it.


Finally the positive attitude we are talking about also includes fogginess, either yourself or the other person, it is one of the principle you need to do to turn anger into positive energy, yet it’s the most difficult step, all you need to understand is we are all human beings and will make mistakes from time to time, that might cause us pain or anger.

So, using too much anger will drain your energy and cause you stress in your life which is not health. The bottom line is; make your anger as your fuel and motivation and strive to achieve what you want in life. Learn from people who went through similar situations. Yet still they end up successful.

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