Importance Of Why A Parent Should Use Baby Monitor

Babies are helpless; they constantly need attention; that is why parents are always anxious to give a proper care to their baby. These days there is no better way of caring for your baby 24/7 day and night without using baby monitors, with just a few clicks you can see how your baby is doing.

To be honest not every parent needs this; some are good without baby monitors. But if you are considering about the using baby monitors, you might want to look for the best type of devices you can use.

The previous models of baby monitors only comes with audio features; so that parents can hear their babies cry whenever they are awake; but nowadays the new models that comes up have the video features which is excellent. You can actually see your baby and makes the monitoring easy.

When to use baby monitors

The best time to start using baby monitor is when you baby is six months old, when your baby grows a bit, the time when you can leave him to play and sleep by himself, that is the best time to look for baby monitor.

The younger the babies are the more attentions they need; like constant feeding, changing diapers, constant night cries etc. During those period you need to sleep with your baby and doing so you might not need a monitor.

i will tell you 5 benefits of baby monitors. As a new parent it will be the best decision to consider using these devices; for your own convenience and security as you are doing other task.

Ability to see your baby`s position

These new video monitors makes it possible for you see your baby`s actual position; whether laying down or standing; parents do not always have to attend to their babies without the need to; so by having a video monitor you will be certain when should you attend to your baby; as you continue doing other tasks.

The video monitors help you evaluate when your baby needs an attend; for example when you leave your baby learn how to sleep on their own; because sleep training takes a little bit for them to master; or maybe the baby is awake but is calm, you see will be able to see if he is dangerously standing or trying to climb down; in that moment he will need your intervention.

It will be difficult for you to properly monitor your baby without the video monitor if you are not sleeping in the same room; unless you are constantly checking on your baby.

It Helps on unnecessary wake-ins

Normally parents who are not using video monitors; at times walks into their baby`s room to see if the baby is still sleeping; and this kind of walk in can awake the baby; but with using video monitors you will be able to avoid unnecessary check ups; this will help to let the baby learn to sleep the night on their own; and it will also help you to get the sleep you need.

Track your baby`s sleep

Only with the video baby monitor you can effectively track your baby`s sleep; you will be able to see what is happening in your baby`s room, you will also be able to know exactly how long has he been sleeping; devices without video will not enable you to know this; you need to know that not every wakeful baby cries.

At times the baby might be awake rolling and turning without crying; only a video monitor can you help you see that and know when he was actually awake.

It helps you to get a sound sleep

Caring for your baby can sometimes be stressful especially at night; researches have shown that babies tend to wake up in at night rather that sleep, this could be stressful if you need that rest and have work to do in the morning, going up and down to your baby`s room can be hectic.

But if you have installed a baby video monitor; it will safe you whole of that stress; as you will only walk into your baby`s room only when necessary; so you can have a good sound sleep yourself.


Baby video monitor can safe you to avoid injuries to your child; some video monitoring model sends parents alert as soon as the child does something that can cause injuries; especially at night toddlers tend to wake up in the middle of the night without the parents knowledge, and trying to climb down of their beds. that can cause an injury to your baby, but with a baby monitor those types of incidents can be avoidable.

How long should you use a baby monitor

The period to use baby monitor totally depends on you; some parents use for 12 months; some use it for up to 21 months, depending on its relevance; if you think your baby monitor is not useful as your baby has grown up more, then you can stop using. Safety and care are the key factors why parents use baby monitors.

How do I choose a baby monitor

When choosing what types of baby monitors to use; consider the video baby monitors with some cool features; you also need to check for the quality and durability, buy it from reputable sellers, if you order online check for reviews from parents who used the same them and that will safe you a lot of trouble.

What are the best features to look for when buying bay monitor

There are some many models out there but remember to buy models that are strong and durable from reputable manufacturers or company; i personally recommend video baby monitors over audio baby monitors. And look for the following key features:

Digital video monitors

The video monitor allows you to see and know that status of your baby either sleeping, or awake especially at the night, you can see your baby through a small screen. These types of devices also enable remote monitoring.

multiple camera monitors

Baby monitors with multiple camera are very useful; it allows you to see efferent angles of your baby`s room; this important because having only one vision sometimes does not help especially if your baby can walk.

Night vision monitors

Baby monitors with a night vision are a cool devices to look for; if you baby is conformable sleeping in the dark; night vision camera will be suitable for you; so that your monitoring is not only limited to day time, and you can check on your baby at any time of the night to see if sleeping or not.

Talk back monitors

Talk back features allows you to talk to your baby; at times when babies are awake they tend to see if anyone is around them; but if your baby can hear your voice that will comfort him. Wherever you are; even at the office, you can still talk to your baby during feeding time etc.


Baby monitors with a temperature is very important, your baby`s room temperature should be ideal to him to avoid chances of sudden infant death syndromes, it will notify you if your baby`s room is too hot or cold. These are some of the key important factors you should keep in mind when looking for baby monitors.

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