Important Home Security Tips Parents Must Know

Important Home Security Tips Parents Must Know

When it comes to home security and children`s safety; parents are always proactive. if you are a busy parent that sometimes leave your children home alone, you should consider teach your kids about some of these home security and safety etiquette.

It is primarily your responsibility to teach your kids about safe keeping ideas. Especially if you are not with them all the time. Here are important Home Security Tips you must share with your children:

Why is important to teach your kids about home security measures?

Home security issues does not only concern adults; kids also need to be taught home security and safety measure; the reason for that is parents are often busy at work. So there will be a time when you will leave your kids at home alone; and because kids love to play around; either in the bedroom, kitchen or living room.

So they need to be aware of certain things that can cause a disaster or security compromise. Home security tips deals with lots of things: like fire safety, operating security gadgets; knowing how to report an emergency to the authorities; online securities etc.

These are all important issue kids need to be aware of and know how to handle them. i will give you some of the important home safety measure you need to know and teach your kids to know as well. Lets get started.

Closing doors and windows before leaving

This is a basic home security tips; closing doors and windows before leaving the house is something every responsible person must do. but its important to emphasis on it especially to kids. Let your kids learn this from you. This will make them to understand how important to close doors and windows before leaving the house for any purpose.

Importance of Emergency Numbers

its very import that you teach your kids about 911 or other emergency contact numbers depending on the country you life in, it is always a good idea to have these numbers display on a notice board in the house, or somewhere were your kids can see it and know what they are for; include your number and numbers of some trusted people.

And teach them when and how to use them. if doable you can even pen down these numbers and keep them besides land line phone. Also teach them to learn your home address by heart; in case they call 911 they can be able give correct house address.

Operation of home security systems

If you have installed a security systems like alarms, cameras, etc. You must teach your kids how to operate them but not tamper with these systems. So, instruct them strictly not to tamper with these systems.

No climbing on Furniture

Kids do not regard furniture as something that could harm them, you have set a rule regarding to your house furniture, and make it no climb zone. Things like bookshelf, TV set can cause serious injury to your kids, and financial lost.

Teach them to be responsible; if you set them a place to play then make sure there is nothing attached to the walls they can climb on.

Unknown delivered parcels should not be accepted

Kids should be guided not to receive or accept any unknown courier parcel; which they don’t know about; especially if you didn’t mention anything beforehand about any expected delivery. In such case tell them reach out to you first before doing anything. or let them seek the postman to come back when you are at home.

Teach them about when to answer the door

If your kids are alone and someone knock or rings a door bell, they should know that they have to look through the peephole first to see if it is someone with a familiar face or not.

If it is a stranger, then advice them to answer only through the intercom or maybe open the door with the chain latched, while talking to the stranger. And they should tell that person that; their parents are at somewhere not far and will be back in a few minutes, and request that person to come back later.

Train them the security aspect of call etiquette

Teaching your kids how to answer calls is very important especially when you are away. let them know it is not safe to give their details on the phone. But rather they should ask for the name of the person on the other side and take down the message. And never to tell other person that they are alone at home.

Instead, they can portray that their parents are occupied with some important work and will get back to them soon.

What parents need to know about Internet safety?

Internet is very important in our daily life aspects; we use it for many reasons; therefore improper usage of internet can compromise your home security and lead you to issues and problems that could easily be avoided.

Social media guidelines

As nowadays everyone is active online on some social media platforms; People tend to always post their status to show off how they are enjoying. It is your duty as parent to let your kids understand that they must to be very careful while sharing information on social channels.

Especially trip plans, times they spend outside and times they come back in; as this might lead to housebreaking and other undesirable incidents. If they are to do so let them only to post things after coming back.

Monitor your kids online activity

As your kids grow up; you need to talk them about online activity that are useful and educative, talk to them about the proper use of social media, its your responsibility to take inventory or track your child`s online activity, often ask them about what site or apps they use, who do they are communicating with, keep these kind of conversation active the whole time, as you guide them.

Because we are living in a crazy world where online bullying is very rampant; if you are not so keen to your kids online activity, they may get expose to something you would not like, or maybe communicating with someone who might try to sexually abuse them.

So it important that you teach your kids to be conscious about their online reputations. talk to them what you think is appropriate, and let them know that internet is not a privet place.

Set your Internet parental controls

its wise to set a parental control of your WiFi or internet connection, if you cannot do this by yourself, get a trained professional or a company to do this for you; and be observant; you never know what your kids would searching for on google; sometimes innocent search lead to not so innocent result.

GPS Location guidelines

Social networks like Facebook, TikTok and many other have GPS feature and device Geo tagging, you must teach your kids always to keep that turn off on any device which they use such platforms, if you don`t; they might end up sharing too much information including your home address without known; and that can lead someone to you.

Some regulated social platforms have this featured turn off by default but certainly not all of them, so you need to do your homework to know if you kids uses such platforms and teach your kids about this.

Risk of digital footprint

Every bit of information that is posted online, be it a picture, video or personal information is regards as a digital footprint of a person; as a parent you need to be very much aware of the risk and implication; we said it before that internet is not a privet place, which means any information you share online is permanent; sometimes it can be deleted but certainly not always.

Ones you posted your information you have no control over it and someone can use those information or miss-use them. of course i know; you understand how people impersonate others and mess up their credit line.

such things do happen, so you must be aware of this and protect your kids from become a victim of such. Make sure you are aware of anything that your kids post online.

Track your kid`s social circles

Many profiles on social media platforms are not what they say they are; there is a reason why such profiles are out there, but whatever it is, it is not for good; so you must teach your kids to be cyber-wise when it come adding and accepting friends; especially people they do not know.

Also try to be part of your kid`s social circles; take a look at some of those people your child is a friend with; try to know who they are; what do they talk about.

Bedroom safety measures

Your house should be a safe place and bedroom should be the safest place to be in; especially for young kids; you should make sure that your kid`s bedroom is set in a way to eliminate any chance of dangerous accidents that could cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

If you have a baby; make sure he sleep in a crib, on a firm flame-retardant mattress; keep away toys, pillows and blankets to avoid any risks of suffocation, and make sure the crib has nothing hanging on it, and it is properly screwed tightly, so that it does not fall apart to cause injury to your baby.

Its also a good idea to put night light in the your kid`s bedroom especially kids that can walk, because some kids are afraid of darkness so having light in their bedroom will help to battle that fear. No matter the age, make it habit to frequently check your kid’s bedroom to be sure that there isn’t any dangers looming.

Home fire safety precautions to prevent fire at home

It is important you put smoke alarms in every part of your house; fire safety practices can help you prevent fire incident in your house; and avoid overloading sockets. and teach your kids not play with anything that can cause a fire outbreak, have fire gas extinguisher cylinder installed in some parts of the house, and make sure you kids know how to use it.

These are some of the important things you should know and teach your kids to be aware of and act responsibly. As Your kids get older you should be able to start trusting that they won’t need periodic reminders to be safe.

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