Important Lessons You Must Teach Your Son

It is every Fathers dream to have a son; although having daughters is a wonderful experience but generally as a father there is always that feeling in you; a desire to have a son.

It is a unique experience, but when you do, you must share your life`s challenging experience with him, your experience of being a man when grown up. here some advice every father should passed it to their sons:

Self esteem

When your son is a growing up; try to spend as much time as possible with him; play with him, take inventory pictures and videos of him growing up, and later show him those pictures; this will show him what you love you about him, allow him to be so close to you and be involving him with some of your handy jobs you do at home, like mechanical etc.

This will help him develop self-esteem, and you will be able to know of his creativity or his skill. let him know that you love him. because boys need to know that their fathers love them, it will be a strength for him and a blessing for you to hear him reciprocate.

Spend more time together

Every boy loves something in particular that they play with a lot; my son loves to play soccer; i watch him play, and sometimes i play with him, but i could see the love and happiness on his face, and i am sure he still have kept some of those memories in his mind.

So don`t be so busy for your son. Make most of your time with him, be present, be kind and generous. those memories he creates during the times you spend with him will always be remembered and cheeriest.

Whether you know it or now as a father you have a great role to play in your son`s growth and development, you must know that being a head of the family is an important responsibility; your son will learn from you how you handle your family.

If you handle your family in chaos, fights and irresponsible behavior; he will do the same. so give your son a change to learn responsibilities from you and help him become respective towards women, it will take him a long way.

If all the fathers stood up to their responsibilities it will greatly curb a lot of problems in our society today; you have to become a better for your son; that is a responsibility you cannot handover to someone else.

Never to hit any woman

A good man will never hit a woman; you must teach your son these etiquette ; teach him to understand no matter how annoying a woman maybe, it is not right to physically hit her or abuse her; and you have to behave the same way; because it is very damaging when a boy sees his father hitting his mother; that always have a psychological effect on boys; and their moral values.

From that point he will think it is OK for him to be aggressive against women. You must teach him to know only a weak man will raise his hand against women.

Responsibility towards actions

You must teach your son to be responsible to towards his action; it is so heard breaking to hear that a father ran away or abandoned his family.

Teach your son to be willing and strive hard to care for his family and to accept his responsibility; this is where a good quality education comes in; educate him to have skills he could depend on to support his family. Be a role model for him to see this in you.


This is one of the most important lesson to you must teach your son; self-control is having the ability to control your emotions, your desires, your words in your everyday dealings with people, one can also refer to this as a good manner.

For example; during a time of stress or anger you may say certain words that you will end up regretting; but already the damage is done, so much so that you are not be able to reconcile with them ever again. Teach him how damaging lack of self-control can be especially when angry.

Dreams and Self-contentment

The reason why so many young men commit crimes is because they dream big but without skills and self-contentment, at the end they cannot recover from their crimes. in order to be successful in this life; you have to dream big; work hard, at the same time appreciating what you have.

Success is like a ladder, one step at a time; teach your son to appreciate what he has while working hard to achieve what he wants; and the fuel to that is to dream big.

Maintaining a Balanced life

Good men have an ability to perfectly balance their spiritual, social, relationship and financial life, teach your son to have these qualities; especially the time he starts a school life; that is that best time to teach him how to balance his life; teaching him these qualities he will do well in life and also become responsible.

As Fathers our responsibilities and behaviors in homes are the actions that shape our societies; if all children at home are properly trained to have good manners; crime rate will greatly reduced and the societies will become peaceful.

What type of relationship should Father and son share?

The father son relationship is based on scolding, teaching and guiding and some times speaking your hear; it is the kind of relationship that has no intimacy like mother son relationship. When a boy is young, his father becomes his role model and hero, his first teacher he learns from.

Therefore as a father you should always strives to make your son a man worthy enough, to fight for his territory; to fight for his family and be strong, confidence, You stand behind him like a shadow to support him.

But as the boy grows up the relationship may sometimes turn in to a war of alphas, but that does not mean there is no emotions or care. When a father says “take care” that word has thousands of “I love you” in them.

Therefore Fathers are irreplaceable. When you teach to your son to understand these things, at first he may not like you, but as he grows up he will begin to understand the reason behind those scolds and fights etc.

How does an absent father affect his son?

An absent or run away father tremendously affect his son; he deprives him from all the benefits fathers pass to their sons, the teachings, the guides and the support.

Researches have shown that boys without fathers suffer greatly and they can easily develop mental issues, they can also easily fall into depression and disruptive behavior. A run away father cause to his son an incredible amount of emotional suffering that may last for a life time.

Those types of boys are more likely to end up as a school drop out, become poor, use drugs and crimes. No that matter how hard the mother strive to make things better, she can never replace a father.

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