Important Strategies To Find Your True Love

How to Find Your True Love

Finding true love maybe a somehow complicated if you don`t have the right advice and guidance you needed, true love does not fall from sky just like that; there are certain things you need to do.

To set yourself in that path; with some patience with efforts, knowing what you want and the best place to find it you will eventually find your true love. I will tell you some strategies you can use to find a true love, so lets get started.

Self love

Before you love anyone; you need to love yourself first. This does not mean you have be egotistical or self-centered; On the other hand this refers to having healthy self-esteem along having to have confidence in yourself. You have your own acceptance; this is something you don’t need from others.

Resolve any personal issue

Just as you would not want your future love to dumb all his past issue and problems onto you, So you don’t have to dump yours on him as well, that will scare him away. If you have any issues against anyone or unresolved biff from your past, don’t pour it out on your man.

For example, if have a bad experience from your past relationship, that really hurt you; you don’t have to assume that your next relationship will be the same;make sure you get therapy to help yourself with, so that the issue does not affect your emotional status and set you back.

Know what you want.

You need to take some time think about the character you want your dream lover to have; your past relationships can help you to determine this; as it will help you stay on track with finding your true love. Make sure you are truthful, honest and realistic to yourself; for example, the level of education he must have?.

The beliefs and values to share with you?. hardworking, honest and etc?. Also think about the character he must not have; for example; smoking; drugs, criminal history, etc?. And anything else you expect from your future lover. These type of point makes it so easy for you in finding the type of person you would love to fall for.

Think about what are things that make you happy; your goal in life; being true to yourself is what will help you maintain the love you are looking for; you are not supposed disregard your feelings just to please your partner.

Don`t shift your personality and pretend to be someone you are not; you will only end up hurting him and yourself. You want your partner to love you for who you are; love you through difficult times and your best time.

Don’t expect perfection

When you find someone who has meet your criteria, don’t expect perfection; because you may not meet all his criteria, For example, you might expect a man to have a career, and be financial stable, having his own house, cars etc.

But maybe you’re currently dating a great guy who has everything; but a disastrous things just happened to him; his apartment burnt down recently; so he has no place to stay or maybe he is staying with parents until he finds another place; the point is you have to be flexible at times, and don`t expect perfection on a man you just meet, take your time to know him more.

Make yourself presentable

Men get attracted towards women who takes care of themselves and look attractive, it is the fundamental basics of finding true love; before you even make your list of characters you want your future lover to have; make yourself attractive first; in that way you are one step closer for a love to find you.

Make yourself presentable, smell good, dress well, be the shinny and accentuate your assets, apply make ups, nails or hair if you have to. Men will surely start approaching you already.

Be sociable

Being sociable you are expanding your friends circle by meeting new people and making new friends; this is a key and important when looking for love; you don`t need to be anti-social, get out of your comfort zone and go to places like parties, clubs or events, by doing that you can easily to find love.

Choose right circle of friends

Having yourself surrounded with some good friends, will certainly help you a lot, they will guide you to make good decisions; of course you don`t have be that desperate picking up everyone that comes your way; especially when you know what you are looking for; this where good friends comes in, they can give you good advice about the type of person you may want to date.

Don`t set high standards

Don`t set a way too high standards that are too good to be true; like in the movies where you see a very rich man falling in love with a very poor girl, i am not saying such things do not happen, it does but in the real world and having to deal the real person, you may have some trouble when you set that type of standards that your man must very rich etc.

Sometimes you don`t get the respect and love you deserve when you happen to be with a rich man, money comes with its own issues can affect your relationships, especially if you man knows that you are only with him just because of his wealth. I am not saying don`t look for rich men but when you set such standards don`t forget about character too.

Never make unhealthy compromises

While at times you need to be flexible, that does not mean that you have make unhealthy compromises; for example; if you happen to find yourself dating someone who expects you to spend more time with him than your family and friends, you have the right to end that relationship and cut him loose.

You need to be true to yourself; you have a right to have respect and courtesy from every one you date. You should never allow someone to disregard or abuse you.

Focus on character

Always look for personality and character, not physical appearance and wealth. True love is unconditional, it does not base on physical appearance, background, culture, religion or race etc.

If you base your search on character and not physical appearance, there is a chance you will find a true love that will last a life time, your main focus should be to look for the person you will be comfortable and secure with, that should be your primary goal.

Look for perfect matched

Your partner should complement you in terms of character and personalities, that is why some people tend to look for horoscope signs just to determine if they have something in common or not, communication wise, sexuality, hubbies, emotions etc.

There is not perfect relationships but all lasting relationships do have personalities that matches, for example; your partner is slow to take actions but he has brilliant ideas; in the other hand you have the capabilities of turn his ideas into actions, that is what i “called perfect matched”.

How do you know a man is your true love?

In order to determine whether or not your man is right for you; you need to trust your instincts and observe his behavior towards you; love is such that it cannot be faked; his actions will speak to you louder than words; look for these qualities am about to tell you, in order to determine if he is true to you or not.

His Sacrifice

Love and relationship is not always smooth road; at times certain things will happen that are out of your control; which may require to make some sacrifices to take you through that situation; either financially or physically, when you are with the right man he will always be ready to make those sacrifice in other to make you happy. Good men are not afraid to make sacrifices for the shake of love.

His Selflessness

One of the principle of love, apart from sacrifice; is being selfless and supportive towards your partner; Good men are not selfish people; if you man show you the willingness to support you and stand with you in any situation to make you happy and make your dreams come true. Don`t be doubtful you have the right man.

He is respectful

You cannot say you love someone and you don`t respect that person`s feelings; respect is what drives the relationships; this does not mean to worship your partner; but rather understand of your partner`s feelings and be aware of them.

If you see that your man is very well aware of your feelings; about things that makes you happy or sad; he strives to do those accordingly. know that he is the right man for you. Only true love can drive that kind of character in a person.

He trusts you

I think its safe to say “Trust is the soul of love” there is a saying “you may not love the person you trust; but you can never love the person you don`t trust.” if your man trust you he will feel comfortable to let you have the freedom to spend time with your friends, or go out for shopping alone etc.

And he will not feel insecure. This is a good sign, that does not mean he not jealous; but he is doing it because he loves you and also knows that you loved him back, so you can`t hurt him.

He is Consistency

Love is not seasonal; its a continuous lifetime feelings, so if your man truly loves you; he won`t display hot and cold behavior, he will be consistent in his dealings with you.

These are the qualities of a good man; if your man manifest these qualities; without a doubt he is the right man; and that is your true and unconditional love. Keep that love alive because it will bring you lots of joy, good memories and lasting happiness.

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