Indoor Play: The Benefits Of The Cardboard Playhouse

I actually want to talk about cardboard play house, I have used it for my children and their reaction was amazing, i actually come to realized that there are numerous benefits of a cardboard house. In another word, you can call it a “wooden playhouse” but made of cardboard.

When you look at social media today, you often see parents bragging about their kid’s expensive toys, they bought for them, i see it has now turned into competition of parenting, it is a common trend these days, parents spending lots of money on children no matter their age.

If you are parent who cannot afford what i called ” luxurious toys” for your children, you can simply consider the cardboard playhouse, for children`s indoor play. Buy it or make it yourself.

Cardboard Playhouse are less expensive

When we want to buy toys for our kids as a parent, the first thing comes to our mind is “the price”, in most cases we tend evaluate the cost against the fun.

If you are that type of parent, then the cardboard play house might be a good option for you; not that sort of reason per say; but they are really useful. It is less expensive, and consider the fun your child will have when playing with it.  

I also found it very easy to setup, i am not much of a handy guy, normally i struggle with Lego tower bridge and looking like a fool when trying to put them together, my wife would sometimes make fun of me.

But when it comes to setting up the cardboard playhouse, i do so easily, so am sure you will find it very easy to fix, and what i particularly like about it, is you can easily fold it up after use to save some space.

It helps develop child`s creativity

Cardboard play house is great for imagination, It is a great tool for hide and seek for children, my child really loves to play that game, i believe it help a child`s development on creativity and imagination, you can check out for different types of cardboard play house. It really keeps the child very active.

A Cardboard play house also give you a chance to paint it, which you can do with your child it is really fund, can decorate it any how you want; most of them are in plain card and some comes with white pain, which leaves you with an options to repaint and decorate it, based on your child`s preferences.

Children love cardboard house, it encourages the physical activeness in a child, my child has several toys he could play with but as soon as he is set for the day, he asked us to set up his cardboard house, we often set it up in the living room; so at night we used to fold it to save some space. So when we fixed it for him, he would normal ran into and jump to us to surprise us.

Sometimes he would bring his other toys; like action figures and be playing with them inside. Some cardboard houses are whether friendly, even you mount if outside, rain is not going to affect it, not like other toys like cars with remote control. I personal found it very useful and my child loves it a lot.

Cardboard house encourages pretend play

Children can build their imagination with pretend play; a cardboard play house can help a child a lot in that aspect, when they use objects to represent something else, pretending and paying with that object, it is not really crazy as it seems, that process of pretending builds their skills in many essential development areas.

Sometimes i pay attention to my child when he is playing inside of his card house, i become surprise of hearing him speaking certain words i thought he did not know of, and sometimes i would hear him speak a word that i knew he learned from his parents, during our conversations.

He is comfortable to express his imaginations with him toys when he is alone in that playhouse. 

The cardboard play house gives the child a freedom of expression; when you build a cardboard play house for you child, just consider to fill it with objects that can spark your child`s fantasy world, with objects like: fabric pieces, blankets, stuffed animals and etc.

This can actually help your child to be creative and learn self-regulations skills and thinking skills that he can use in every as aspect of life.

When your child is getting older to play in the cardboard play house; try to make object for him out of the cardboard, the fun does not have to end with the cardboard play house, you can engage your child to make different object to pay with.

Card boards are really easy to work with

You can create fairy tale castle or formidable fortress together; my favorite was ball drop maze, my child has learned through trial and error; how he can make the ball roll faster and go the direction he wants and he enjoyed it.

Sometime when we go for shipping; we would buy some fruits purposely to use the cardboard and make grocery storefront; children can play with card boards for years as long as card boards hold ups, as a parent you just to need to be active and creative to engage your child with these kinds of play.

When you do that your child will never get enough of cardboard play; and as time goes on you will be surprised how he would be able to use his own imaginations and create objects by himself.

It goes a long way helping preschoolers to learn creativity through imaginations; when you have card boards, don`t just loss or recycle them yet, keep them, get creative and think about something to make, either a castle, bean bad, sailing ships etc.

Make something your child will like to play with; you don`t necessarily need to be an artist to come up with these ideas, you could easily use YouTube, to learn on how to create some of these things. Instead of buying them.

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