How To Maintain A Positive Attitude Towards Setbacks

When you get some sort of obstacle that delays your progress to achieve something, that is what is called a setback.

Whether you applied for a job you with high hopes, and then things did not turn out to be the way you expected; or you took a final examination after all the hard works you have put in yet you still failed. Or whatever setbacks you may encounter in your life.

According my personal experience; you will feel disappointed, let down by yourself and sad, without know knowing what Is the way forward.

Setback do happen

But this normal as In life when you set a dreams or a level you want to attain to; you have to be ready for setbacks, always take setbacks as one step back for a major come back; setbacks are mostly a learning opportunity to prepare you to develop resilience and come back stronger.

It’s the kind of learning that usually happened by experience through hardship and difficulty. On your quest to achieve something an unexpected thing might always happen to delay that process, when that happened, that first trial will become your experience and guidance to order to comeback stronger.

 Sometimes retreating does not mean you are weak; or giving up, it means you are latterly gaining energy in other to come back stronger; that is the mentality you should have.

Sadly, many people give up too easily; after getting some sort of setbacks; they easily change their approach thinking it’s too difficult to achieve, as a result such people end up having no choice but to give up about everything and remain in one status years in year out.

There is nothing you can achieve in this life without setbacks, hardships, trials and difficulties; so if you are the kind of person who want to be successful in life but does not want to go through those difficult moments, then you are not ready for success.

Develop a positive mindset

To become successful, you need to develop positive mind and not allow your frustration get the best of you. How can you develop a positive mind to avoid frustration towards setbacks, this is very straight forward; just keep your dreams alive; learn from how it happened.

If it is something that simply requires more effort; then to doubt your efforts, with only one goal in your mind “success”.  Re-plan your daily tasks into manageable pieces and take them one by one; if you do this; you will certainly make it to the other side, but whatever you do don`t rush it.

Keep pushing and adjusting no matter how uncomfortable it may be, do it with passion and purpose; is the best way to prepare you for whatever the future holds.

That way you will gain more experience in tackling it again, if you still failed keep pushing again and again surely your day will come, and once you achieve the level of success you aim for.

You will surely forget about all the disappointment and difficulties you went through. It will only be a memory but the physically experience is long gone and forgotten.

Develop new habits and routines

Develop new habits and routines; it is best to re-attempt with a new habit, make sure you have a good daily routine that will put you in the mood of believing.

Train your mind to accept and carry attitude of happiness; be optimistic, happy and see how that will affect things around you, you always have to believe that you are not a failure.

But rather you are getting ready for success with time. Acceptance is the kind of attitude that will make you develop a positive attitude to carry on.

Think positively; and don`t be lazy; if you want to overcome the feeling of disappointment; what you can do is take some moments off; do things you liked, maybe listen to music to uplift yourself a bit; watch movies or do something that makes you happy.

At least to take off your mind from the stress of disappointment, because when you are sad you cannot make a better decision; our emotions takes full control of our mind.

Making decisions at that moment of sadness, anger or disappointment might end up hurting you. So, pass that moment with doing things that makes you happy; that will help you change your mood.

Take responsibility

Take responsibility and be proactive, understand that the only person that is holding you back is you not doing the right thing. If you are positive you will remain hopeful and see the best in things even in difficult situations. You will be able to create actionable goals based on your dream.

Successful people go through some sort of setbacks, but they have to deal with them. How?; they set a time limit for the disappointment and recognize it, to quickly move on with appropriate actions.

Try to access your spirituality because sometimes that is important to sustain you in times of uncertainty, and give yourself sometime.

Try to exercise patience as you move forward. Have purpose in life, this will help you stand firm in the midst of the vicissitudes and challenges; and stop thinking that life is easy, and avoid taking shortcuts.

Those negative thoughts will normally make you lazy. The truth is; life is not easy at some point. Only with hard work and resilience success is achieved.

Surround yourself with people who believed in you

Surround yourself with people that will encourage you; either a friend, someone to coach you through or even family members and people that believed in you, they will help you to grow like never before, and never think you cannot handle it; every challenge comes with important lessons.

Make failure as not an option; this is the mindset of all successful people; the worst situation will always teach the best lesson and you will recognize your achievements.

There is always some sort of achievement you had whether you recognize or not; you need to build on that achievement, however difficult it may be.

The bottom line is you are not the only one, everyone experiences setbacks, you just need to be patient with yourself and understand that changes happen over time.  

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