The Effects And The Healing Of Fatherless Daughters

The effects of an absent father to a daughter is greatly irreplaceable; single moms often try their best to fill in the gape that the father left.

Some do succeed but the verse majority fail, it does not matter how hard they try; but they cannot replace the psychological effect an absent father caused to his daughter.

When i think about this my heart becomes heavy with grieves for all daughters; who did not get the chance to experience how beautiful life is with having your father by your side. The effect of an absent father for daughter is way too serious.

It is commonly agreed across authors within the literature on fatherhood is that ” A girls relationship with father serves as the model for all her future relationships with men in her life.

Many studies have also shown that the absent of a father in a daughter`s life lead to her to an creased of sexualized activity and promiscuity.

effects of An absent father

An absent father leaves his daughter at special risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy. It also leads to behavioral problems; i have seen these result first hand, see such children making the decisions for the adults at the restaurant table; having an extreme short temper tantrum and so on.

An absent father causes a daughter to miss a paternal influence which show them how to grow into a decent young woman, without that it makes them highly susceptible to lack self-control, outward display of anger and belligerence.

Such girls often seek for emotional connections from wrong places which makes them to become sexually promiscuous, vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

They often look for the unconditional love, words of encouragement they did not have from their fathers, and they could end up with jumping from one marriage to the other. Sometimes due to the sexual exploitation they experience they develop true issue; they often believe all men are bad creatures.

Studies have shown a girl without father`s love and influence an she is more likely to exposed to drugs, drinking, anxiety, depression; become school dropout, and can even commit suicide. They suffer terribly from low self-esteem.

And because she did not have the reassurance of her father, she will try to look for that reassurance from boys; who may not have her best interest at heart and a result she may experience many consequences to her abandonment.

The guidance

It is not human to create a child and leave her to grow all by herself with only the guidance of the mother who may not fill in the father`s shoes; a father`s importance in his daughter`s life is to teach her, give her wisdom, reassurance and guidance.

Caring fathers teaches their daughter how to recognize a good man and ignore the ones who will be her downfall. such an important lesson for daughters to learn; which help them in their path of relationships.

A fathers role in the family is very important but when a father is absent he put all of these responsibilities onto the mother; who has to do her best to raise her daughter with good values, give her advice and guidance, teach her about life and men.

This is a tremendous task for a mother to achieve; but oftentimes she would fail in some parts which are essential to her daughter`s growth and development.

An absent father sometimes cause the family to dysfunction; his absence is definitely harmful to the family, and sometimes these effects continues from one generations to generations; because the daughter will grow up to understand life; based on her own experience that she had learn by herself.

She may suffer an early pregnancy for someone; who would not be able to step up for that kid and end up running away from that responsibility; just like how the mother herself grew up.

Whether it cause by father`s alcoholism or infidelity or any other reasons; the absent fathers only produced their daughters in pain.

And as for her love choices she has already lost that opportunity for her father to show her how men behave around women or how a woman is supposed to behave around men.

But she is just left to struggle on how to show love and affection; she will grow up believing all men are just like her father; that could also lead her to make wrong choice in her marriage.

How can a fatherless daughter heal

In most cases a therapy talk would be greatly helpful; speaking with someone who can be supportive, because the effect is damaging; especially if the daughter has not been told the truth how her father`s absence unfolded. Lack of discussion and confrontation about the matter can lead her to self-destructive behavior, such as drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex, suicide and so on.

Not only will therapy help the fatherless daughter but it will also help to restrain her from making bad future relationship choices; it can help her to have more healthy relationship with her future partner.

Even though the therapy will not bring her father back but it will greatly help her to deal with psychological issues like low self-esteem etc. Especially if she experiences grief, anxiety or any other emotional behavioral issues.

Fathers owe a great amount of responsibilities towards their children; especially a daughter, her emotional development is greatly impact when a father is not in her life, the purpose of the father is to be her protective shield, give her reassurance.

In making choice of love and relationship fathers are always there to guide their daughters, this is something a mother cannot offer; mothers often have that feeling of sympathy, but not the actual guidance, that is something only fathers could offer.

I am not trying to disregards mother’s importance in their daughter’s life; but the emotional path especially the teaches of how a woman should be treated by a man; that kind of lesson can only be taught by a father.

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