Great Strategies To Change A Bad Habit

When you talk about habit; is something you like doing, whether you find it pleasurable or you get some sort of relief, comfort when you do it. Let`s say people who smoke cigarettes.

They all know that smoking is a bad habit, but when you ask why are you still smoking; you will not get precise answer to that question.

If they know it is only a bad habit but also bad for their health. The simple answer is; It is because they find some sort of pleasure, relief and comfort when they do smoke.

If you really want to change your bad habits; you are going to go through processes of fighting with your desires and emotions gradually until you leave it, that act of resistance not to follow your heart`s desire is the positive attitude you need to develop to help you get rid of the bad one.

But remember this is something that does not happen overnight. In Human nature; our hearts are surround with desires so much so we don`t have enough mental judgment nor emotional resources to make conscious decisions about the bad habits we develop in our daily life.

But attitude is what help us to make a conscious decision to change habits.

Develop new attitude

To develop new attitude to tackle a bad habit; is the process of stage by stage; and each stage is a preparation for the next one, you don`t have hurry to skip stages.

Each stage may need you come up with different approaches and strategies based on what may work for you, and it could be something that may go against your desire.

However, you don`t need to be an expert to do it; with just your motivation is enough to take you through. You can apply this to get rid of any bad habits, we just need an example to outline the stages you need to follow.

We are going to use “smoking” to outline these stages and the kind of attitudes can help you achieve this. For example, Let say you want to quit smoking.

Before you even make the decision that you want to quite; the people around you are the ones who will acknowledge this bad habit, and they will start talking about it and start encouraging you leave it; either your wife, you friends, your family member, work place etc.

At time stage you are not even thinking about quitting; maybe you have tried and failed in the past and you felt demoralized, so you don`t think about the unhealthy aspect of it; but awareness and interest is sparked by outside influences.

In other to move forward from this stage, you need to realized that unhealthy behavior is actually blocking your access to an important personal goal, such as being healthy enough to live a longer life to enjoy children and grandchildren etc.


The next stage is you have realized the unhealthy aspect of it and you want to change, but you set a time period in the future to start changing; like you may say ” i will quite when i turn 30 years” you are actually contemplating about it, even though you know it’s bad for you.

But in the reality, you might end up vacillating for much longer than that. The reason for that is you lack commitment to take action.

For you to be able to move from this stage to next one; you need one strategy that is to develop an good attitude; ask yourself “why is it so hard to for me to do this?”, “what do i need to change in my attitude to overcome this?”

It will help you come up with the ideas to examine the barriers, and then thing about how can you gradually take actions; for example if you used to smoke 5 cigarettes a day now; you need to battle your desire to reduce it to 2; that kind of solution will come to you.


The preparation follows, at stage you already know you must change, and have made your plans how you are going to go about it; just believe you can, anticipate obstacles.

If you are prepared to cut down unhealthy smoking, be aware of situations that leads you to smoke too much, plan the alternatives around your situations that provoke you to smoke too much and how you can avoid such incidents.

All you need to do is to create an action plan with a realistic goal, don`t say “I can quit smoking with 1 week” when you actually know that is practically impossible.

You start taking actions until you become successful to cut the down the amount of of cigarette you smoke a day first, then you need to push yourself to stopped it completely.

When you achieve this then you will begin to face new challenges of life without your old habit. you will need to make an alternative.

If necessary, get support of from your wife, your friends and others who care about you; let them know that you have taken steps to change.

Maintain that new habit

Once you develop that new attitude to replace your bad old habits; you try to maintain that stage. It may require you to still avoid situations that may trigger your old habit, it may be sometimes challenging.

These stages of changes are not simply and straight forward; some people relapse at some point and recycle though these some stages; before they successfully proceed and maintain the next level; for example; you are able to get rid of the bad habit but you could not maintain it.

And you find yourself going back to the same thing you thought you left already. One study have found that heavy smokers can cycled through action taking stage at least more the three times before they succeeded in quitting.

Those types of cycled or relapse is common; maybe you won`t be able to completely avoid it; therefore you should not stress about it or regret it, but its rather part of the process.

If you are motivated no matter the relapse you will always learn some new strategy to adopt, make adjustment as you continue on the path to change.

You can use these techniques to change any bad habit; remember the positive or good attitude is the only thing that will help you make conscious decision and keep you motivated to keep you going until you succeed leaving that habit.

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